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Lapůta (www.laputa.it), hereinafter also the "Site", does not represent a newspaper according to Italian law as it is updated without any periodicity; it cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to Italian Law no. 62 of 7/03/2001, nor are the provisions envisaged for the press applied to it, including the rules set out in the Italian Law 8 February 1948, no. 47. The conditions contained in this legal note are governed by Italian law.
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The informations contained on the Site is provided based on the belief, in good faith, of its accuracy and truthfulness. However, they are to be considered for informational and educational purposes only and may be changed at any time. Any technical information provided is without a guarantee of correctness and should not be used for the calibration, repair, or use of any kind of machinery. Geographic coordinates should not be used for terrestrial, maritime, or aerial navigation or for geolocation, as they may be inaccurate for such purposes. The information should not be intended as medical or financial advice, promotion of alcohol or tobacco consumption, or any kind of illegal activity. In no event shall the Site Owner be held responsible for any damages arising from reliance on the information contained and/or its use.

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The links to external sites are offered for information purposes only, as a simple service to users, without guarantee of operation and with the exclusion of any responsibility for their use. The indication of links does not imply approval or sharing of responsibility for the reliability, completeness and correctness of the contents of the sites indicated, which are subject to change over time without any control by the Site owner. The Site owner does not assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from any external sites.


Unless otherwise indicated and with the exceptions specified below, all contents of this site including texts, images and graphics are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Any unauthorized use, total or partial, of the contents included in this site is prohibited, including the storage, reproduction, re-elaboration, diffusion or distribution of the contents through any support, technological platform or telematic network. To protect copyright, the texts are registered with time stamp on Patamu.

The use of the content of this site is also prohibited in connection with: the development of any software, including but not limited to, those for machine learning training and artificial intelligence (AI) systems; the provision to third parties of datasets; the generation of new content from those available on this site through generative artificial intelligence.


The site contains short citations of texts protected by copyright. These are reported by exercising the "right of short citation" pursuant to Art. 70, Italian Law 22 April 1941 no. 633 and Art. 10 of the Berne Convention. Such citations are in fact included only for cultural, critical and discussion purposes; they are reproduced as briefly as possible and in such a way as not to compete with the original work, crediting the author and source when possible. It is also permitted, according to the same principle, the "short quotation" of the texts contained in the site for the purpose of criticism and discussion, reporting the author, the source and the hypertext link to the original content.


The Site contains images and graphics produced and owned both by the Site owner itself and by third parties, and covered by different types of licenses. In order to ensure maximum transparency and respect for copyrights, the origin and type of license are indicated (when possible) at the bottom of the articles. Below are the details on the license types used for the images:

all rights reserved (copyright): unless otherwise specified, the rights of the images (including graphics) are owned by the Site owner, or by third parties for which the Site owner has obtained free authorization from the legitimate owner of the rights, or has regularly purchased a license for use (e.g. stock images). The reproduction, reuse and distribution of these images is prohibited without the express authorization of the rights holder. When possible, compatibly with the technical limitations of the platform, these images are indicated with the symbol © and any indication of the author or origin.

fair use: in some cases, copyrighted images are used without prior authorization from the rights holder when, in good faith, the principle of "fair use" is believed to be applicable (Article 70 paragraph 1-bis of the Italian Law January 9, 2008, no. 2). This is done because the images are distributed for free, in low resolution, for informational/educational purposes only, and the source is attributed, especially when no other free or licensed images are available. The "fair use" is indicated in the image description. However, these images are still to be considered as copyrighted by the rights holder(s), and all relevant limitations apply.

some rights reserved (copyleft): some images are reused under "creative commons", GNU / FDL or similar license. In this case they are images of third parties whose author allows free re-use in compliance with certain conditions. The license type is specified in the image details using the following symbology:
[CC] Creative Commons license: it can be accompanied by the version of the license (eg 4.0) and by the following abbreviations that specify the conditions applied (N.B.: several conditions may apply simultaneously):
[BY] attribution: the author of the work must be attributed;
[NC] non-commercial: commercial uses of the work are not permitted;
[ND] no derivative works: it is not allowed to modify the work and / or distribute derivative works;
[SA] share alike: distribution of the work is permitted only under the same or equivalent license;

For more details on Creative Commons licenses, please check the link provided in the image description and the official Creative Commons guide.

[GFDL] o [GNU-FDL] GNU Free Documentation License: that is a copyleft license for free content, originally created for texts and software but also used for images. In general, it allows the redistribution of the work for commercial purposes and modification, provided that it is released under the same license. For details on the GFD license, please refer to the official website of the GNU project.

public domain: some of the images on the Site are in the public domain either due to the expiration of legal protection terms according to the laws of the country where they were created, or because they were voluntarily released by the author as such. This includes images for which it was not possible to determine the copyright, but are reasonably believed to be in good faith (e.g. historical images). On Lapůta, these images are indicated with the abbreviation [PD]. In accordance with technical limitations, and whenever possible, all available and relevant information is provided to trace the source. Images in the public domain are excluded from the site's copyright, except for those that have been modified to create a new image (derivative works). For example, historical images that have been colorized are not necessarily in the public domain, even if the original image was.

Requests for attribution or removal

If, despite the utmost attention paid, a content (text or image) has been erroneously attributed or unintentionally used in violation of the license terms and / or in such a way as to infringe the copyright, we invite you to report it through the contact form to request attribution, rectification or removal.

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