What they say about us, the Laputa’s press review:

Collects tidbits from history and geography’s world.

DMoz, january 2015
The open directory project

…a pit of delicious curiosities and a “death trap” if you have limited time…

Doppiaggi italioti, 13th oct. 2014
Blog about italian film dubbing.

…I recommend that you take a look at all the site that contains excellent articles.

Giorgio Castiglioni, La casa dei libri, 14th Jul. 2014
Italian blog about libraries and librarians.

Laputa reflects the interesting and unusual stories of the world’s culture, history and geography.

Bianca Mikovitš, Maaleht, 9th Jun. 2014
Estonian magazine.

Laputa is a republic based on (mental) masturbation.

Silvio Dell’Acqua, the founder, 8th Apr. 2014

…the unusual and interesting geographical discoveries of Laputa!, 2nd Feb. 2014
Italian site about b-movies

Of Laputa are addressed various and unusual topics, treated with absolute historical and scientific rigor. From popular culture to the characters that have shaped our history, recent and past, from transport -with articles on the major railroads, unusual vehicle and also propeller-powered cars, to less known geography in wich stand out, among others, the insights on the lighthouses, guides for all the men in the sea but also masterpieces of engineering and architecture …

Talento nella Storia, 23th Jul. 2013
Italian site about history.

Who said that reality is already all written? Laputa is a site full of curiosity, dedication and truth…

CriticaLetteraria, 19th Jan. 2013
Italian webzine about literary criticism

It seems the minds of these people are so taken up with intense speculations, that they neither can speak, nor attend to the discourses of others…

Jonathan Swift, 1726

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